Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Rules On Subletting and Assignment

Following the recent enaction of S.F. Rent Ordinance amendment and Board's December 3 hearing, the Board adopted amended versions of Rules 6.15A, B, and D, and added Rule 6.15E, effective December 4. As of today, the Board's website does not show the updated versions yet, but once they will be released, they are expected to be published here.

In the meanwhile, especially since the Rules are already in full force, read the latest revisions in the legislative PDF version, here: 6.15A, 6.15B, 6.15D6.15E.

Most notable change in the Rules is the definition of reasonability of landlord's refusal to accept a new occupant. Prior versions only were listing factors, presence of which would deem the refusal unreasonable. New versions also provide enumerated scenarios, when the refusal is deemed reasonable.

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