Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New 2018 edition of the "Eviction Notice In SF" is out

I could write my own introduction to this new edition, but I like this one instead:

"Having taken more than ordinary Pains in collecting the Materials which compose the following History, we could not be satisfied with our selves, if any Thing were wanting to it, which might render it entirely satisfactory to the Publick: It is for this Reason we have subjoined to the Work, a short Abstract of the Law now in Force [], and made Choice of some particular Cases, (the most curious we could meet with) which have been heretofore tried, by which it will appear what Actions have, and what have not been adjudged []." A General History of the Pyrates, 4th Ed., 1726.

The introduction I couldn't say better myself, and all I did is to take out the piracy references!

My new 2.6* edition of the book, however unfortunate, is not about pirates, and is a bit newer on some of its material, including the latest changes in the owner/relative move-in regulations, which came into full force on January 1. Other chapters were tuned-up in accordance with the decisions issued in 2017,**  and the usual process of cleaning up and weeding out the typos was also performed.

Paper version link.

E-book version link.

I hope you'll enjoy it! Don't forget to let me know, I am interested in feedback, as always.

* Just within one months since version 2.6 was out, the decision came out reversing the ban on "educators" ... unexpected to say the least! But as a result,  version 2.7 is here, with all edits accumulated over that one month, plus a redo to insert the "educators" back.  Complete updated inserts for both the paper and e-book were approved by Amazon on 02-16 and expected to become available on Monday.  Same links above will work (but wait until 02-19 so you will get the latest version)

** Now including what came out in 2018, mainly the infamous "educators" reversal addressed above.


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