Sunday, August 14, 2016

Rent Control News

Despite the studies hinting to the contrary, rent-control regulations continue to spread in the Bay Area. San Mateo, Mountain View, and Richmond are slated to vote on the rent control measures (example articles covering it are here and here). This post covers the ones currently pending and a few hoping to join the movement; take notice, if you have property interests in the areas affected.

In Richmond, this will be Take 2.0, after the rent control had been already implemented once last year, and then recalled.

Mountain View is expected to vote on the similar measures as well.

San Mateo is voting on rent control as well, although not everyone is favoring the move. In San Mateo, it may become a county-wide approach, while rent- and eviction-control regulations are usually implemented on municipal level (unless the county and the city are close two bodies politicos, like San Francisco).

Alameda was close to get rent control provisions on the ballot,  but did not get enough voices, yet. And it is still a "no go" in Pacifica. Among other municipalities eyeing to control rents are: Concord,  Fremont, Santa Rosa. It must be noted however, that a certain program for the Rent Increase Resolution exists in Fremont since 1990.

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