Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Drafting Eviction Notice In San Francisco -- Book's Volume I Is Published

I  am excited to report that the first part of my book, covering general requirements and nine "for-fault" evictions, is finally out and went live on Amazon today. Here are direct links: paperback and the ebook versions. Second volume is still in the works, it will cover the "no fault" evictions.

This book includes my research from references collected since 2004, when I first became a landlord in San Francisco. It is updated as of 2015, yet includes a detour to the roots and history of the unlawful detainer, covering last millennium.

The types of evictions covered in this volume are:

1. Non-payment of rent. SFRO § 37.9(a)(1)(A)
2. Late payment of rent. SFRO § 37.9(a)(1)(B)
3. Frequent payment with bad checks. SFRO § 37.9(a)(1)(C)
4. Violation of a lawful obligation or covenant of tenancy. SFRO § 37.9(a)(2)
5. Nuisance, causing substantial damage, or creating a substantial interference with the comfort, safety or enjoyment of the property. SFRO § 37.9(a)(3)
6. Using a rental unit for illegal purpose. SFRO § 37.9(a)(4)
7. Failure to renew a terminated lease. SFRO § 37.9(a)(5)
8. Refusing access to rental unit. SFRO § 37.9(a)(6)
9. Possession of unit by a tenant not approved by a landlord. SFRO § 37.9(a)(7)

This volume also includes coverage on generally required elements, comments on the service of notice and what evictions or properties are exempt from the Eviction Control in San Francisco. The outline of this portion of the book is as follows:

Tenancies Fully Exempt
Tenancies Partially Exempt
A. Property Description
B. Parties
C. Grounds For Termination
D. Expiration Of The Notice
E. Contact Information
F. Statement Of Good Faith
G. Statement Whether This Notice Supersedes Other Notice
H. Date And Signature
I. Information About The Rent Board
J. Notice Of Abandoning Personal Property
K. Notice About Tenant’s Option To Request Initial Inspection
L. Notice Of Debtor’s Rights
M. Notice In Other Language
N. Additional Requirements For Government Subsidized Tenancies       

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